Bunsen is a local Irish chain which has recently opened its first Belfast restaurant, is now serving burgers in the (cobblestone) vibrant Cathedral Quarter.

The peculiarity of this place is that their menu is super short (it’s actually written on a business card) with two options for burgers (classic and cheeseburger) which you can simply double up. They also have fries and chips as sides and a couple of desserts options: that’s all! The great thing about such a short menu is that, unless you don’t give a sh*t about quality, you really can’t go wrong. Bunsen sure doesn’t go wrong at all and these guys certainly know how to serve a good product. They don’t really give you knife and fork but the simple way you food is serves doesn’t really require them: I personally love getting my hands dirty when eating a juicy burger, so it really doesn’t bother me.


Address5-8 Hill St, Belfast BT1