I walked past this place every day more than once since they opened but I never had the chance to try it: this recently changed because I finally decided to walk upstairs to La Taqueria, authentic (according to their sign) Mexican 1st floor restaurant full of tacos in Belfast City Centre.

Once I got in the place I recognized it because it used to be the oyster bar from the very well known Mourne Seafood Bar but obviously completely re-decorated. They have a fairly short menu but they also have a special list from which I chose the beef flank steak tacos:  tasty and quite original! You get three tacos for each portion but unfortunately I couldn’t try three different options… so it means I’ll have to go back and try something different! Go for their churros: they go heavy on the cinnamon, which I normally f***ing hate, but it was almost a surprising revelation.


Address53 Castle St, Belfast BT1 1GH