Camden Lock yourself inside the house if you don’t like eating in the street!

As an Italian man I shouldn’t be supportive of a business that has Alfredo as a name on the menu (damn Alfredo, you ruined centuries of culinary culture), buuuuuut what the guys of the Cheese Wheel in London do is too special to slabber about! Their concept is simple: hand roll some fresh pasta, cook it with cream, get a massive drum of Grana Padano and slam that pasta in it! You can get some extras like mushrooms or sausage or whatever they have available and you’ll just love it. The place is a cool stand at KERB in Camden and the food is made so quickly, but absolutely fresh and right in front of you, that you don’t even have to wait too long when they’re busy. If you’re in the area please give it a go and you’ll understand what kind of crazy good sh*t I’m talking about!


AddressCamden Lock Pl, Camden Town, London NW1 8AF