I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before: the dirtier the better! I’m not talking about food hygiene sh*t, but simply about dirrrrty when it comes to food. Pablos, their burgers and their fries are exactly what I’m talking about.

Breaking all the rules I’ll first mention their vegetarian option, the Medellin, cause it’s simply damn good: often it’s quite hard to find veggie options that don’t taste like cardboard but these guys nailed it! Anyway, I’m not exclusively a snobby grass eater so I’ll mention all the other goodness they offer in this fine establishment: fresh burgers with various baconships and cheeseships plus fries options that drip grease in the blink of an eye, making me drool like a bonobo in front of his lady. They also do churros: yeah, those almighty sugary motherf***ers that you could dip in any sauce and be a happy person. The place is tiny, expect it to be quite busy on a night out but you won’t regret it. One very important thing that needs to be said about Pablos is that they simply blow away any competition when we talk about “nighttime food”: Belfast (and the UK in general) is well known for its absolutely crappy “after bar/club food” and this is not a place where you’ll find that kinda sh*t, period. The way they are PabloEscobar-ing their whole concept is quite smart and that needs to be mentioned too.


Address22 Church Ln, Belfast BT1 4QN