Ramen has definitely been the new Japanese craze all over Europe (check what I said about Casa Ramen) for quite some time and Belfast now has its own “wee” noodly pride: Bia Rebel.

After feeding the people of local markets, then tourists and office workers at the famous Big Fish from their cool truck, the guys from Bia have just opened their first restaurant on the Ormeau Road and I assure you it’s a place you gotta visit! Freshly made noodles -so fresh that you can buy them raw from them and make them at home a couple of days later and not lose any quality- matched with properly flavoured meats, nice eggs and veggies (yes, for you grass eaters there are vegetarian options) from local farms is the simple recipe for the perfect Japanese ramen. These guys know what they’re doing and they’re just very honest and straightforward in their attitude, which is always a plus in the MoFo world.

This is f***ing good hand made food and, take my advice, if you aren’t ready to pay for what you get here you can just walk to the corner shop, spend only 20% less and get something that isn’t even comparable to the quality that Bia Rebel offers.


Address409 Ormeau Rd, Belfast BT7 3GP, UK