Choosing where to have breakfast when visiting a new city could be a real challenge if you don’t read very good pieces like the ones I write. Cockiness aside, I came across Kember and Jones in Glasgow just because I read a cool guide which I completely lost, so you gotta trust me!

First of all: try and visit, if you can, this place early or right after lunch in the middle of the week because otherwise there’s the good chance you gonna have to stand like a f*** for quite some time to be able to sit and eat. What does this mean? The place is well known! Sure, some might say it’s because of the location and the footfall (yes, the West End is a cool area but it’s not Sauchiehall St.) or some might say it’s because of their marketing, I say it’s because it’s simply good and the place looks so warmly inviting that you really wanna go and go again.

The first time I went I didn’t really know how ordering worked but the nice girl at the counter explained it to me and also gave me a seat straight away at the window, probably because I was lonely and looking like I was just dumped by the woman of my life.

The place is fitted in a very original way that mixes tradition (bakery counter) and hipsterism (bookshelves), but it’s the menu that works better than anything else: the food is fresh and the options are the classic ones of any modern cafe with high quality, plus they also sell wine and craft beers, but maybe you wanna skip that for breakfast…


Address134 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8TD