Lasagne are maybe top 5 yummiest foods in the world (the other 4 are most likely Italian too). London is sure a biiiig part of the world and it makes sense to find that sh*t in a very good form in this city.

Mister Lasagna keeps it simple without any risk to go wrong; they serve mainly one thing: lasagne. They do them quite right, with good ingredients and a very good quality. I’ve visited the place on a late morning just before Christmas and I was lucky to be served quickly and also have a bit of a chat with the guys from the staff. I went for a classic Bolognese, but they have pumpkin, truffle, ham and cheese, and aso offer vegetarian and vegan options, plus  some “adapted for the British” sh*t like chicken and chorizo. They have a few locations around London but I visited the one in Soho, where there’s a good concentration of nice Italian places if ou wanna go try other stuff too.


Address53 Rupert St, Soho, London W1D 7PH, UK