Let me explain something to you right away: there is a huge difference between artisan chocolate and the stuff you find at the shop. Yes, we love the sh*t we find at the shop, but artisan/homemade/handmade right in front of you is a whole different kind of sh*t. Belfast’s Co Couture does it exactly like that and right in front of you.

Right in front of you? Yep, mofos! Deirdre, the chocolate lady behind Co Couture, is literally making the chocolate with her hands in the back of the shop… and there is no door, so you can see all the magic happening right there! No  Oompa Loompas here: the boss makes the good stuff herself and quality control is a priority in this establishment (located in a basement facing the street). The cool thing about Co Couture is that it’s not simply a shop but also a cafe: you can sit down and take a sip of your coffee while smelling like you’ve just entered a human size jar of hazelnut chocolate cream… or have that amazing thick hot chocolate which can compete with any of the classic ones that you can find in those nice Italian bars (cafes are mainly called “bars” in Italy). Brownies, marshmallows, snacks, bags and bars of different kinds of different tasty chocolates complete the picture, a very sweet one. So, do yourself a favor if you’re in Belfast city centre: stop by this place and get yourself some chocolate. If you don’t like it (ha! Never gonna happen), I’ll give you the money back.


Address7 Chichester St, Belfast BT1 4JA, UK