Polpette! Yes, that’s how you say meatballs in Italian, also with no misunderstanding about being vegetarian or not (how can a MEATball be vegetarian?) because what the ball is made with is always specified (polpette di carne, polpette di riso, polpette di whatever the f*** you want). Aaaaaanyway, Meatball Family sure is the place to go to try some of the best polpette in the city of Milan.

I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant, because of its very good reputation, for a while and I recently had the chance to give it a shot. We were seated on an “upper floor” area next to the kitchen and could get a good look around the whole place, obviously also spotting memorabilia from Diego Abatantuono’s career. Who’s this guy? A very popular Italian movie actor and comedian, who gave his face to the franchise (they have a few shops and food trucks too). Food wise, we got an 8 meatball selection so we could try a bit of everything, including red meats, seafood and vegetarian: I gotta say that the vitello tonnato (veal with a tuna sauce) and the honey bbq beef were outstanding. Also, if you feel that American need of having spaghetti meatballs, this is the only place I would tolerate you going to and ordering it, because I say so… and because I haven’t tried it yet and I’m very interested in it! The only “problems” I really have with this place (at least the one in via Vigevano that I’ve visited) are: 1. It’s just too clean and not as casual as I expected/hoped; 2. A couple of the options I’ve tried with the 8 ball selection didn’t have the same quality of the others. Overall I certainly still recommend the place, but I’d suggest going for a type of meat or veggie you are 100% sure you’ll like.


AddressVia Vigevano, 20, 20144 Milano MI, ITALY