Ireland, according also to the Deliveroo stats, is burrito country and Dublin is obviously the city where the crazyiness is happening.  Despite not being on that list, I found Pablo Picante‘s stuff definitely good enough for me to get all excited about it.

I visited the restaurant in Clarendon Market (they have a few locations) on a decent “summer” day so I had the chance to simply sit outside and enjoy my food with a nice bottle of beer too. In this nice location (pedestrian area), Southern California inspired, they have two shops next to each other: one serves mostly burritos and the other ones makes tortas and gourmet sandwiches. I had the chance to try a bit of both offers because I visited with some friends and I must say I was impressed with the tortas mainly: the meats are nice and well seasoned and they don’t taste like they have been made by a big kitchen that supplies all their locations with low quality products (like other chains often do). I really like the whole lucha libre concept: it gives an extra little touch of authenticity to it.


Address4 Clarendon Market, Dublin Southside, Dublin 2, Ireland