The street food “trend” has properly arrived to Northern Ireland with great concepts and high quality foods. Chef Kevin Pyke and his Pyke’N’Pommes took, by far, the #1 spot in the country in my heart. Cocky time: I used to own a street food restaurant in the country myself and I’m proud to say we won an award that these guys in Derry won for two years in a row, so I’ll be happy to put myself in a virtual #2 spot…

Back to Kevin’s stuff… first of all, they have a great location in Derry-Londonderry right on the river Foyle: it’s a super cool refurbished container where the food is prepared, cooked and served; they also have a food truck that travels around the country for special events, so you will be able to catch them in Belfast and other cities quite often too. I love the very casual atmosphere and the “we don’t give a f***” attitude, which means they care about their great food without trying to be high end or too fancy. I had hands down the best burger in the country when I tried their famous “LegenDerry”, made with some beautiful Wagyu beef, to which I added some tasty tacos that can easily beat any of the ones from the most popular Tex-Mex joints on the island. I highly recommend this place and if you’re lucky to be there on a sunny day (good luck with the Irish weather!) the location is an absolute delight to be at.


Address42- 7BN, 2 Queens Quay, Derry-Londonderry BT48, UK