The vicinity with Greece, culturally and geographically, makes Italy a naturally good spot for Greek cuisine and the little town of Rovellasca, in the province of Como, should definitely be on the map because of one of the best Greek restaurants in the area: Sirtaki.

We’re talking about a very small town and a very unassuming location, but what makes the real difference for this restaurant is the super high quality and very friendly service they provide. I visited the place a couple of times with probably 10 years in between and the second time was just as good as I remembered the first was. I recently went with the mother herself: she’s an Italian woman so she’s potentially the pickiest customer you could have, but she had nothing to say apart from “good!”. Exactly, I must say the quality here is certainly second to none and when you order, like we happily did, the mega-selection of starters (the portions aren’t small, really) you pretty much get a lot of good sh*t and a full range of different tasty products: Greek olives, feta, pita, tzaziki, dolmades and a lot more are just a pleasure for any palate, even the bitchy one. The meats on the main courses are just a delight too and I can easily say they make the best (and heaviest, ha!) Mussaka I’ve ever tried. One thing only: the decor is a bit “confused” and for some reason I’d expect it to be a lot more casual and rustic rather than how it looks.


AddressVia Cavour, 37, 22069 Rovellasca CO, Italy