I love places with smart names that simply say what they do without any confusion. Bread Meats Bread, with a few locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh does it exactly like that. They do meats and they do a lot of sandwiches and other good sh*t: sraightforward, just the way I like it.

First of all I need to admit that when I visited the restaurant in Glasgow City Centre I had just been to Babu (here’s the review) and I couldn’t go crazy with the orders, but I had been to their place in Edinburgh before, so I can give you a good idea of what happens in Bread Meats Bread. I’m a massive fan of their grilled cheese toastie, which I ordered with a cheeky extra pulled pork inside… and my heart (together with the first bite in my mouth) literally melted: I honestly think this is one of the tastiest sandwiches I had in a while, even if it happened almost accidentally. Their fries and burgers are a delight too and the simple combinations of fresh meats, high quality bread, appropriate choice of cheeses and non invasive (flavour wise) sauces just make the whole concept and menu work really well. They have some good vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and halal options too: sure these guys really care about catering to as many people as possible and doing it quickly as well without sacrificing the quality.


Address104 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5UB, UK