Garage or trattoria? I doesn’t matter: Bertamè is both! This restaurant in Milan is an old school Italian garage (“officina”) that includes a classic motor inspired restaurant offering a very friendly service in a very original and different environment.

The place serves lunch and dinner 7 days a week with a cool (or annoying, depending on the point of view) peculiarity: the lunch menu changes every single day. This means that if you’re an office worker in the area (that’s their main customer base for lunch) you might be in for a different treat each time you visit. Well, I went to try to place for dinner so I could pick from their usual menu, which includes a fair amount of options spanning from seafood to meats and vegetarian delights. They also have an extensive list of wines like any respectable trattoria should have. I personally had an amazing aubergine (eggplant) with buffalo mozzarella pie and a scottona beef tartare starters, followed by ravioli with cheese and a beautiful white/dark chocolate Juventus (yes!!!) dessert: I was so happy with the choices I made, especially the starters, which were the real sh*t: I;m talking about a perfectly balance mix of flavours and Italian passion! The decor just screams vintage motors and that genius garage tool board filled with kitchen tools really made me laugh with pleasure.


AddressVia Francesco Lomonaco, 13b, 20131 Milano MI, ITALY