First of all, if you’re vegetarian this post isn’t for you (just maybe read this one) buuuuut if you’re a meat lover then this is gonna be interesting! Burn – I Macellai surely offers some of the finest products in Milan when it comes to the good stuff.

“Burn”, well, you know what it means, and “macellai” simply means “butchers” and this is what this fine establishment near the infamous Navigli kinda is: a very high quality meat restaurant that, luckily, doesn’t burn their product. Their menu has really good variety of meats in different forms, from steaks to burgers or from ribs to tartares; I personally went for a beautiful rib eye steak (boney, ha!) with perfectly seasoned roasted potatoes, preceded by a nice and simple woodboard with a damn tasty charcoal cooked ham and cherry tomatoes. They also have a very good wine selection, from which I picked a red Montepulciano (one of my favorites of all time), but they also have a couple of good craft beers, plus some very good tap water! The service is friendly and fast as well, making the whole experience, considering the absolutely reasonable prices and the relaxed environment, definitely super positive. The restaurant is in a very busy area and despite being midweek when I visited, got fairly busy, so I’d recommend booking your table and getting ready because when it’s busy it will get a bit tight with the other customers. The place is near Meatball Family, which I’ve talked about some time ago.


AddressVia Vigevano, 34, 20144 Milano MI, ITALY