Via Torino is a shopping landmark in Milan, but it’s also home to one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the city: PIZ.

Owned by Pasquale Pometto, one of the real pizza masters in Italy, PIZ is a super colorful (in the decor and the attitude) establishment which serves high quality pizza (and a few other little good things) with a very very short menu. No bulls*it, no nonsense, PIZ gives you the choice from three pizzas: margherita (classic with tomato and mozzarella), bianca (no tomato) and rossa (no mozzarella), so the choice is made very very easy. Forget about all your greasy and heavy stuff because they don’t have any of those. The pizza is the classic Neapolitan style and the ingredients that these guys use are of the highest quality, so you really can’t go wrong… unless they make little mistakes. I’ll be super honest: my pizza was slightly undercooked. That said, the place was packed (on a school night!) and these things can happen, so I simply asked the very nice waiter to check if my pizza was done correctly and he decided to bring me a new perfectly baked one (in zero time, I must say) that tasted like Naples itself. Result: I ended up apologizing for looking like an a**hole because I didn’t really want my food to be changed. Being a business owner myself, I always appreciate the customer telling me if something is wrong, so I hope I don’t come across too harsh when I do it with other places (it doesn’t happen often anyway!). Please note: if they have any tiramisu available, absolutely go for it too! My advice is to try and avoid the weekend when going in this place, not because it ain’t cool, but just because it’s soooo busy all the time and they don’t take bookings, rightly so because they don’t need it at all.


AddressVia Torino, 34, 20123 Milano MI, ITALY