When you think Milan you think fashion. When you think Milan’s nightlife you think Navigli. Antica Marmeria di Mirko is just one of the top choices among the many restaurants that are sitting right on the famous canals of this fine city in the North of Italy.

Specialized in meat, this place used to be a marble (“marmo”) workshop back in the days when the Navigli were built to transport marble and materials to build the cathedral known as the Duomo in the city centre. Luckily for us, their steaks aren’t hard as marble but more like tender and melty as your mom’s butter! Have you ever tried an eggplant sandwich? This place makes a really good one filled with buffalo mozzarella, Parma Ham and fresh green pesto: when I say eggplant sandwich I mean that these guys use the eggplant as your bread slice with some f***ing awesome good taste. “Malfatti” means “badly made” but the malfatti di pasta from Mirko (owner’s name? owner’s dog’s name?) are so nice that you’ll forget that the Italian tradition gave them a truly sh*tty name. Right, I mentioned the meats: that’s where these guys truly shine, with their top quality cuts and extensive choice to fulfil anyone’s needs, from the bone lovers (does it sound sexual?) to the tender/please-no-fat fans! Also, if you’re looking for good tiramisù, they definitely deliver on that too, even though it’s served, like many of their meals, on those black stone plates which I still haven’t understood, practicality wise… Aaaanyway, their menu is always changing so there is the chance you won’t find the same stuff I tried, but the meats are always there and their windowed grill can’t betray you, ever. The wine: they have a long list of those and the staff knows about the best combinations and sh*t, so you’ll be properly guided to make the best choice of your drink.


AddressRipa di Porta Ticinese, 67, 20143 Milano MI, ITALY