Did you know that Ireland’s oysters are some of the best in the World? If you want some of that goodness in Belfast there are a couple of places where you can find the good sh*t: the well known St George’s Market’s stalls and the also well known Mourne Seafood Bar, which is the place I’m gonna talk about here.

Sure, oysters aren’t for everyone: they’re raw, they literally taste like sea water, they look weird and they feel weird in your mouth, but… isn’t that exactly what we like about the stuff? If you still aren’t a fan, this restaurant has a very very good offer of any kind of seafood, from scallops (no Gordon Ramsay shouting in the kitchen about these…) to crab, from lobster to mussels, with a menu that changes pretty much every month to offer you the best available products on the market. I’ve visited “the Mourne” a few times because it’s good and also was just 2 mins walk from my place, so I’ve tried a bit of everything, but my favorites are always the risotto with scallops, the french style mussels (with cream), the chowder and of course the oysters. They also sport a very good selection of wine and the staff really gives you good advice on what to drink, also because some of the guys working in the place are French… and yes: those people know their sh*t about wine!

The place is located right next to Kelly’s Cellars, one of the oldest and most popular pubs in the city, in a very nice little square in a pedestrian area in the city centre: it’s just very easy to find and it will give you that old restaurant vibe outside but with a modern touch inside. They also used to have an oyster bar but they gave it to La Taqueria: who cares, you can still get those anyway!


Address34-36 Bank St, Belfast BT1 1HL, UK