Have you ever tried any food from Uruguay? I just have! First time ever, in the first ever Uruguayan restaurant in Italy: El Primero, which simply means “the first” in Spanish, is located in a town called Origgio in the Varese province, but it’s actually closer to Milan… and their sh*t is un-real!

You probably heard of empanadas, tasty pastries filled with meats or veggies, so you definitely wanna try the ones from this place, together with a nice steak (I recommend the medallon de lomo…. mmm juicy!). The main recommendation I got for you, though, is the Chivito al pan, AKA the most famous sandwich from Uruguay, with beef, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, mayo, olives and, just to keep it light, a fried egg: pure dirty filthy goodness. They also have other great options, but mainly you need expect meat, meat and guess what? Meat! Plenty of wine to wash the stuff down too: make sure you ask for the staff’s advice about these.

The place was built inside the incredible Uruguay pavilion from the International Expo in Milan (2015), which was bought and moved from its original site to here, and it can be recognized from quite far. The only issue I have with this spot is that El Primero is located on an interstate road and there’s pretty much nothing (plus a chemicals factory) outside of it, so there’s really no view outside of those nice and big windows.


AddressVia Saronnino, 3, 21040 Origgio VA, ITALY