Ahhhhh, Italian food in Milan: something new, right? Ha! The big city, as you know, offers some of the best options in the country for the local and visiting foodies and Trattoria Milanese (in the Navigli area) can sure be added to the list of the “must visit” ones.

Milanese food has its own great tradition and some of the best recipes have been shared for generations. This restaurant simply goes by the Milan book and offers typical food from this city/region with the classic simplicity we must expect from such a place. Risotto alla Milanese, Cotoletta alla Milanese, Ossobuco and a loooot more! I had the chance to have a little taste of the Risotto alla Milanese -the yellow one, with saffron- and it was a delight, but I also decided to go for something less typical (yes they do that too) and got fresh tagliolini with a beautiful sausage and Barbera wine sauce and I almost felt like crying when I was tasting, also thanks to the perfect balance of Parmesan cheese the chef had already added to the plate.

Being on the Navigli means that the Trattoria will be easy(ly) busy, but if you go for an early dinner on a week day you’ll be fine even without a booking. Please keep in mind there’s another place with the same name (which I haven’t tried yet) on via Santa Marta.


AddressViale Gorizia, 30, 20144 Milano MI, ITALY